31 May 2010


Last week I went to see RED on Broadway with me mum. 

It was, how does one say, ....... phenomenal? Yep that's it. We all know I love Rothko as it is, but honestly, my love multiplied exponentially after seeing this play. Two men, Alfred Molina and Eddie Redmayne. They're both British, but you'd NEVER know it. The only reason we knew was because we got their autographs (!!!!!) at the stagedoor. To give you an idea, that was the first time I've ever waited for anyone at the stagedoor (and I have seen my fair share of shows). I don't do that; I'm not that kid. That is how much I loved this play.

Alfred plays a preachy and cynical Rothko who hires Eddie as his assistant. He often berates the poor kid for saying one word wrong, doing one thing wrong, etc. He plays a stereoptypical neurotic and so-introspective-he's-crazy painter. But somehow at the end I believed he was different. I could go on forever talking about the comments he makes throughout the play, but I won't give any more away. I recommend anyone in the area to see it before it closes at the end of June.

There is one discussion, though, that I recall vividly. He says something about people these days just wanting to be amused all the time. And everyone just wants to be "fine" - "How are you doing?" "Fine." "How's the wife?" "Fine." "You want some dinner?" "Fine." He shouts it all over the place, and it really struck me as true. What would happen if we all answered honestly when asked, "How are you?" A social uproar. I can picture the anchor already: "Mean or just honest? Are people telling the harsh truth too often? At 11." 

Rothko would love that.


Maddie said...

I'm DYING to see this! And I always like reading your blog:)

Catherine said...

Ahh Maddie that makes me so happy! I've heard tons about you and can't wait to finally meet. I, too, enjoy your blog :)