04 May 2010

The Go-Getter

I just finished watching this movie, and I actually really enjoyed it. I thought I would think that Zooey was as-per-usual and that the story was mediocre, but that's not the case. Zooey isn't really a phenomenal actress, let's be honest here. But she can portray a cool role, I think. In The Go-Getter there's one scene (the one where they're eating McDonald's, if you've seen it) where she's all slouched on the floor talking about how much she loves cooking and how she used to come home from the kitchen smelling like old butter. It was so well done, it really struck me. From that moment forward she was not Zooey Deschanel, and that's a good performance. 

I feel like this movie was a rehearsal for 500 Days of Summer, at least casting-wise. Zooey got to practice acting alongside of Lou Taylor Pucci and then got upgraded to Joseph Gordon Levitt a year later. I wonder what her middle name is, because all the cool kids have three names these days.

They even have the same look.

Also, don't bother watching the trailer for The Go-Getter. It's not at all like the film. It's the reason I thought I wouldn't like the film. Total false advertising.

OH AND - M. Ward makes a brief appearance (on film, yeah!) as Mercer's buddy who starts a band and leaves him out. Matt would do that. You get to hear a good chunk of his older songs in the film. It's the perfect backdrop to the plot, especially when you can sing / hum along. I know, I'm obsessed.

I've been singing this song for weeks since I crossed the border to Canada / back again. It plays during the credits unfortunately, but somehow I think it works.

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