12 May 2010

I love J.Crew, but...

Ok, this tank top is adorable. I understand why it would sell out so quickly. But wait... it's... $350??! Yeah. Three hundred and fifty dollars. It's made of sequins. Probably plastic imported sequins. Granted, the material is silk, and it's part of the higher end J.Crew Collection, but $350? Really? I bought a shirt on clearance for $7 here a few months ago.

What I love about the red text is the "we're here to help" bit. I was on the train recently and noticed at one of the stations a sign encouraging people not to jump in the tracks. It advised them to call the number on the poster to find a better solution, or something. The phrasing of this reminded me of that. "We've got other great ideas, just call us, we're here to help!" Like my amazing art teacher used to say, "Guys, it's just art. Don't take it so seriously".

I feel the need to quote Sassy Gay Friend in regard to J.Crew's sometimes astronomical prices: "Slow down, crazy. Slow down."

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