25 February 2010

Rothko, why do I love you so?

I spent all day painting. For my art class, we had to make four paintings of the same composition with different combinations of colors (color theory rocks).

My back hurts from sitting on the floor, bending over a pad of paper all day. But I made six paintings. It's so rare that I'm this artistically productive... definitely worth the back pain.

The paintings for the class kind of remind me of Mark Rothko. I want to do what he does: labor intensive art, maybe? I'm still trying to figure out the reason why I am so attracted to his work. If someone asked me, I would probably say it’s the colors. The actual hue, yes, but more so his use of color. The layering, the physical work that he puts into creating these massive canvases. He preferred that his works be hung close to the floor so that they are at an eye-level with the viewer. Standing in front of a Rothko hung this way will indeed consume you, if you have the will to let it. Allow for as many minutes/hours/days as it will take. It’s other-worldly.

 The other two works are the product of me messing around with leftover paint. I really enjoy their energy. More Pollock-esque than Rothko, really. But Pollock is a whole other post...!




and the master himself...


stay grounded.

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