28 February 2010

she hit pause studios

I always (literally always, ask anyone) get a thrill out of discovering something awesome. It's that simple. Being in the right place at the right time can really mean alot. About 6-8 years ago, I developed this insatiable need to find things out. This curiosity is still rampant, and it's projects like she hit pause studios that really keep me motivated to be informed. Founded by photographer Matt Schwartz in 2002, the studio seeks to represent, it seems to me, the heady, dreamy feelings that create/permeate youth and nostalgia. A common format: the ubiquitous Polaroid, arguably the most forthright vehicle of youth and nostalgia. 

I had the pleasure of meeting the photographer himself (though he probably doesn't remember me) at the Union Square Holiday Market this past December. I got a brief explanation of the process of making prints from original Polaroid photos using a transfer process. Could I explain it to you? Absolutely not. But it's the kind of thing I wish I had figured out first so we could have spoken about it like old friends. There's that insatiable curiosity again!

Oh and, BONUS: he also shoots weddings. Too good to be true? Not this time.

From the girls and dreams category...

stained glass

rainbow tights

girl in field

her in june or july

love that title.

girl with guitar case

lips and flower

girl with plane


girl with polaroids

how meta is that?!!

nude with beads

From the surfing category...

in between days - ecuador

surf cow - ecuador

surf shop - ecuador

From the props and random scenes category...

 blue phone

typewriter in grass

asymmetrical compositions are so aesthetically pleasing.

red plane

seattle trees

From the coney island category...

beach silhouette

ice cream sign

ferris wheel

From the flowers category...

above the dirt road - costa rica

ecuador flowers

and last but not least... a perfect beauty of a sunflower!

sunflower on film

i have an art crush on these pictures.

25 February 2010

Rothko, why do I love you so?

I spent all day painting. For my art class, we had to make four paintings of the same composition with different combinations of colors (color theory rocks).

My back hurts from sitting on the floor, bending over a pad of paper all day. But I made six paintings. It's so rare that I'm this artistically productive... definitely worth the back pain.

The paintings for the class kind of remind me of Mark Rothko. I want to do what he does: labor intensive art, maybe? I'm still trying to figure out the reason why I am so attracted to his work. If someone asked me, I would probably say it’s the colors. The actual hue, yes, but more so his use of color. The layering, the physical work that he puts into creating these massive canvases. He preferred that his works be hung close to the floor so that they are at an eye-level with the viewer. Standing in front of a Rothko hung this way will indeed consume you, if you have the will to let it. Allow for as many minutes/hours/days as it will take. It’s other-worldly.

 The other two works are the product of me messing around with leftover paint. I really enjoy their energy. More Pollock-esque than Rothko, really. But Pollock is a whole other post...!




and the master himself...


stay grounded.

23 February 2010

Keep warm

So, I've accepted it... it's still winter.
Conveniently, Anthropologie is having a massive bedding sale.


I wonder if I could make something like this one day.

Fun fact: when I was in 2nd grade, a big bad 3rd grader (whom I believe was named Russell) taught me how to spell "encyclopedia" on the bus ride to school. He told me that if anyone ever made fun of me, I could just tell them I knew how to spell "encyclopedia" and they would shut up. Then he proceded to make fun of me. Oh, youth!

Alhambra Euro Sham and Bedskirt

and I just love this style...


which also comes in this great eggplant hue,


 mmmm... pretty surroundings.