09 May 2010

Our mothers: The original shelters from the storm, am I right?

if you try imagining a place that's always safe and warm
and you think of my house
you'd be totally right
and i'd add that it always smells great
home cooking
most likely italian meat sauce
pits aiole, or however you spell it
and she'll make you sit down to eat
and make you use a napkin for your mouth and hands
and make you take a drink to the table
but you say wait, hold on
and go put on two sweaters and some socks
because it's actually freezing
the only warm part of the house are the smiles
from everyone eating together
and talking about funny youtube videos
and maybe the news
and who said what about whom at the market
and what adorable thing the baby did today
and how dad did at work 
and plans for the summer
we all calm down
and rejuvenate
and eat
and shush
and enjoy
and it's all because
of this awesome individual
who keeps us all glued up together
in the best way possible
the most caring
the best ever
the jolliest
my mom

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