22 August 2010


I wish I could read Spanish 
just so I could absorb every ounce of amazing on this blog. What an artist. 
Check out Rakufrecsia.

21 August 2010

Marni Moods

Besides using an adorably clever video to advertise the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, Marni also created small groupings of the new pieces and named them 'moods'.

I like Uncomposed in Space.

And these ones.

White dress is giving the expression of doom! Grr.

Okay, I cheated (just a little)

I'm no cheater, I tell ya! But I skirted the issue on this one. I didn't officially nominate this song as a "Song of the Summer". BUT it was mentioned before I even started the competition (some competition when I'm the only judge, eh?)

Remember when I went to New Hampshire and took some great photos? Well, I prefaced that post with "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?" performed by Justin Townes Earle and Dawn Landes (wifey to Josh Ritter!), partly because the video happened to be in black and white like my photos, but mostly because I sung, hummed, and whistled that tune incessantly for the duration of my trip. And it's been that way ALL summer; I can't get that dang song out of my head!

According to Wikipedia (which my future sister-in-law and I have dubbed "the truthiest source of truth"), the tune was written by Dolly Parton but not recorded until a number of years later. Now, in general, I am no fan of The Dolly, but she gone went 'n proved me wrong here.

Ok. Enough of this.
If you'd like to hear the recorded version, see my original NH post. Here's a live version.
Oh, and it's my official Song of the Summer! Whenever I hear it I'll be transported back to Summer 2010.


Are you a person who pronouces it "N"-velope or "ON"-velope?
Either way, I love envelopes.

20 August 2010


I just signed up for The Sketchbook Project
It goes like this:

Sign up.
Pay $25.
Choose a color.
Choose a theme.
Receive a sketchbook in the mail.
Fill it up with art relating to theme.
Send it back in January.
Track the book as it tours the country.
but wait, it gets better.

Pay an extra $20 to have your book digitalized (immortalized?) on the Brooklyn Art Library website once the tour is finished.

sweet deal. I can't wait to get my book in the mail.
and a big thanks to paper tastebuds for the tip.

19 August 2010

Shipley & Halmos : Fall 2010

I forgot to mention the kick-ass awesome format of the website. Cheers, Shipley & Halmos.


Ready-to-wear it? If only!

It's not as if this model gives any life to the collection. But, if you paste over her face and look at the actual clothing... much better. I seemed to like most of the ones where she's looking to her right, coincidentally.

Yago Hortal, Painter

all images Yago Hortal

Pop pop popppp


13 August 2010

I'm not gone!

Just on vacation. Popping in to say bonjour. I've been snapping photos like crazy, and I'm super excited to get them all developed. Just finished reading The Collector, which wasn't on my original summer list but surprised me by being one of the best things I've read, ever. And I'm almost done with the 50 short stories! Less than 15 to go.
I miss the city. I need Manhattan like I need a really good metaphor to describe my love for Manhattan... badly.

One image to appreciate... via habit.

04 August 2010

Song of the Summer: Nomination Six

This song... damn. Every nomination is making my choice for #1 THAT much harder.

Dirty Projectors - Two Doves

and while we're at it, a sweet band I found today thanks to Paste and their great articles.

03 August 2010


Just as you whistle while you work, listen while you read.

Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In anticipation of moving into someplace by the end of the month, I've been interested in home things lately. Linens, curtains, ottomans. Bookcases! Here are some favorites.

DREAM bookcases! Is that adorable little girl included?

Channeling that pillow, from Branch.

The best blanket, ever. I want one in every color.

Paisley! A nice change from floral. I'm kidding.

Do better laundry! Find a new Method.

Acquire visually interesting cloth napkins, check.

I am DEFINITELY buying a super girly wreath from Rag Hearth and hanging it on my door.
(As soon as I have a door.)

Elvis Perkins at NPT Folk Fest!!

This is so great!! Perkins is my favorite of any Elvis, hands down (Presley, Costello, etc.)
Newport Folk is so close too, but I've never been. Next year is my year, damnit.

02 August 2010

Andrea Dorfman

And though it's melancholy and mildly self-deprecating (in a cute and ironic way, which is ok, right?), I must include this one. It's smart, and it's true.

videos from Andrea Dorfman's youtube channel
discovered via Susannah Conway