10 May 2010

Picasso at the Metropolitan

I went to see this show with a good friend last week. It is probably the highest volume of Picasso works I've seen in one place at one time. (I haven't yet been to the Picasso museum in Paris!) I could have spent all day looking at every single piece individually.
Here's a cool video tour through the exhibition. They missed alot of my favorites, so go see the show if you can. There are hundreds of works... plenty to look at.


Anonymous said...

I love checking your blog to see what the current wavelength is... It's like a little window into the mind of a genius.

Catherine said...

Why thank you, Matt! Nice of you to say. I try to stay in the current stream of all things.. artistic? creative? entertaining? Who knows.

Beth a Doha Mum said...

I have been to the Picasso Museum in Paris and it is fantastic. I need to dig out out and send you a gorgeous photos we have of Iain there in which we are positive Iain was the inspiration for one of the paintings. Get yourself to Paris!