31 March 2010

Bloom Recklessly Photography!!!!!

This lovely Etsy shop is run by one of my best friends... photographer, actress, singer, and awesome gal Arielle Fears. There are 170 photo prints for sale in her shop, and they're all beautiful in their own right. The following is an extremely small sample, just to show her style. I know that somewhere words do exist (maybe? ish?) to describe these images, but I currently cannot find them. Plus, describing things isn't all. Looking and seeing are more important, I think. So take a look.

does it make your head implode, too?

la voix douce

Enchanting, sweet-as-pie voices have been in my head all week. (Yes, there are voices in my head!) Specifically these voices.

I think there is a bit too much kissing in this video for my taste, but it's adorable nonetheless.

And this one... so catchy.

And... because everyone needs a little badass to complement their sweet.

27 March 2010

Today's happy dance

Disclaimer: the following is an absurd run on sentence.

This is kind of what I looked like when, about two weeks ago, my brother's girlfriend called me at 10pm while I was walking right behind the Metropolitan Opera House on my way home from finally seeing Avatar, and announced, "Hey Cat, your brother wants to talk to you, let me put you on the phone with my FIANCÉ!"

Let's just say I've never made such a scene in public. Thank goodness the sidewalks were practically empty at that hour. After the screaming and jumping was over, Dan said, "So hop in a cab and come to Bar 6, we're all having drinks!" And literally, OUT OF A MOVIE, I stick up my hand and a cab pulls over. IMMEDIATELY. This may never happen to me again.

So I went downtown and had fun chatting, drinking, and munching with D&B's friends on a random Wednesday. This weekend the families are getting together for the first time to exchange gifts, talk about plans, and probably be very loud. (We're Italian and they're Jewish = hell yes). I'm so excited. Though I have immense amounts of work to do before I leave for Montreal (!!!!!!!) on Thursday, this good news is keeping me happy. It's a Snoopy-dancing-with-glee kind of happy. (Glee? Where?)

Also, today I bought a tin of tea from Harney & Sons. Green tea with Thai flavors?! Gah, yes please!

24 March 2010

Clara Bow

I am so glad that cameras exist.


Screech Owl Design

If you have ever walked on a sidewalk with me, and we have passed a stationery type paper shop, you have seen the look of positive glee that takes over my face. It's corny, a definite "feminine" cliché (whatever that means), I know, but I have a special place in my heart for paper goods. It puzzles me, too.

Screech Owl Design makes stationery. Just when you think the images are too cute for your taste, you find a slightly avant-garde design. In effect, you can buy a piece of artwork on a blank card for $4.50. It's a steal.

Plus, there's a clever little horoscope collection.

23 March 2010

Dear Creatures

I discovered this brand on Daily Candy today. After flipping through the lookbook on this site, I clicked on the PRESS link. It's no wonder I love these styles - Zooey Deschanel is wearing their clothing in every other picture!

Really though, the looks are so... darling.


They have tees!

That last blue coat makes me think of old time Paris. Le sigh... soon!

all images Dear Creatures

20 March 2010

Showcase Day

Today my scarf is featured on the Etsy knitting showcase! Check it out here.

these are the other clearance price items in shop! must make room for the flowers...