24 September 2011

The National

call me back, i'm on a plane
i think i'm somewhere over spain
i'm in a dark without the stars
i've never seen a black so dark
thought i'd be above the rain
somewhere on a higher plane...

I nabbed tickets to see these guys with The War on Drugs in December. I'm quite excited for it. They've always struck a chord for me, but since I was in Paris, up through the summertime, they've gone from great to downright brilliant. I can't get enough. I may even be going to this if I'm not working that night... !

22 September 2011

Luis Camnitzer

my inspiration lately...


My Favorite Song

This song, originally by Bob Dylan, is my favorite song of all time. It has rhythm, soul, poetry, a little rhyme, and the perfect bits of sentiment all rolled into it. I never get tired of listening to it– that counts too. Blood on the Tracks is my favorite album of all time too (if I absolutely had to pick one.)
This cover is one of the best I've ever heard. I really enjoy Marissa Nadler's voice, her little lilt and almost squeaky harmony. It works here, the high note to low note dips and all that jazz. Her detail adds something to it without detracting from the essence of the original.
Speaking of female vocalists and soaring harmonies... talk about a song/ an album I can't stop listening to! Buy A Creature I Don't Know immediately and it will quickly become your most worthy purchase this week, promise.

15 September 2011


"This is why, when we enjoy something a great deal, we do not really do anything else, and when we are only mildly pleased by something, we do other things; people who eat sweets in the theatre, for example, do it most when the acting is bad."

He really knew his stuff.

08 September 2011

Paula Scher, Designer

"And it doesn’t smell right! It doesn’t smell like an art supply; it smells like a car."
- Paula Scher on computers 

I'm taking an intro class to graphic design programs this semester, and my professor showed us this video on the first day. I have to say that design and the world of typography are some things I know nothing about, so seeing videos like this is rather eye-opening for me.
Posting may be light around here as I adjust to my new and enormously stressful workload, but I will pop in to say hello and share fun things as often as possible.

03 September 2011

Autumn dressing, chez Anthropologie

Click each picture to be transported to each style. How luscious are these prints? combinations? cuts? textures? It's a sensual overflowing of gorgeousness. If I had $1,052, I would buy all four of them. 

01 September 2011

Valencia in black and white

I know it's been forever since I've posted. I took the month of August, as the French do, to relax. I needed time away from my little corner of the internet, and I think it was well worth it.
I've been organizing and archiving my negatives and prints lately, which is suuuuuuch a good feeling. These are some shots from Valencia back in April. I've been getting lots of medium format photos printed (see my flickr on the right) and I hope to be shooting a lot more like them. I'll put some new ones up here soon. 

p.s. have you all seen Rachel Getting Married? if you haven't, you really must. brilliant.