01 June 2010

Over 40 days of oil

Is it possible that the country that created HD, 3D, & iPad can't figure out how to fix an oil spill? Or how to prevent one in the first place? 
Are our skills no longer practical?
Really though, people don't need the iPad. But people need water. Animals need water. Fishermen who need to send their kids to school need clean water. 
HOW can one understand the unseen things that go on inside a computer but not understand that this problem is destroying lives and livelihoods? We're talking about plugging a hole versus creating microchips and car systems that can talk back to you. Yes, I know it's more complicated than just plugging a hole. Yes, I know it's ridiculously far underwater. So how is it that we can create everything in a touch screen format and lasers that can eradicate cancer cells, but we never prepared for this? Did we really think we were that invincible? That something of this magnitude would never happen? I have nothing against technology. That being said, let's use it to fix this. If we're so smart how can we not realize that oil is not the answer? Stubbornness? Maybe this spill will wake up the government? One can only hope.
I really wonder what would have happened if this country started the energy revolution as soon as the technology became available instead of stalling because of money and greed.

Would you really rather look at this than at a field of wind turbines or at rows of rooftops covered in solar panels?? Wake up, U.S. government, please, I'm begging you. I'm also taking the liberty of speaking for everyone who understands these things the way I do: please, we are begging you. 

Want to help? donate? volunteer? Here's one of many places: Audobon Action Center

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