03 May 2011

Youngins in the field

Today I visited one of the coolest shops I've found in Paris, 0fr. It's a gallery/ bookstore that also sells artsy knick-knacks. It's based around photography and art books and keeps current with all the new, cool stuff happening in the field. I totally love it. I pass it every Tuesday on my way to and from my painting atelier. I usually glance through the windows and tell myself that I can't spend money on more photography books (so true) and continue walking, but today I went in. I was looking for a gift for a friend; it was easily found, and I found a gift for myself too. Both purchases are really neat, but as I probably shouldn't disclose my friend's gift lest s/he read my blog, I will tell you about my birthday gift to myself.

It's a book of photographs so neat I dare not attempt to explain it. Some are double exposures, all in color, and all the same size: those are the facts. They are taken by young photographers from all around the world, curated by one photographer, Laurence Von Thomas. As I was flipping through I came across this photo and thought, huh, I recognize that. It's a cool feeling. I think I'm 'arriving', as they say. I take projects like this very seriously to heart. They make me excited and inspired to make my own book, which is happening before the year's end. 

I don't want to repost any of the featured photographers' work without proper permissions and all that. You should go to the website and look at it all, nevertheless. And since I haven't scanned anything new in ages (did I mention I have 15+ rolls of color film to get developed?!), here are some shots by Francesca Woodman, an amazing artist who left us too young. 

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