07 May 2011

Lately on my mind

Living in France has made me acutely aware of many details of daily life that I normally most likely overlook. For instance: clothing dryers are not necessary and toilet seats don't need to be that big. For some reason, though, I feel that my petite stature is highlighted more here. Maybe it's just my own insecurity speaking, or maybe the not-so-feminist French views of women are getting to me. Women here wear high heels like it's their job. It's not the worst thing, but I wonder sometimes if their motives are personal or serve more of a socioillogical 'I-must-appear-perfect-at-all-times' purpose. (Yeah, I just made up the word socioillogical.) The above linked article is super interesting, and, from the viewpoint of another person who's lived here for months, extremely truthful. I've seen all of those ads in the metro and at bus stations, and they get worse than that when it comes to the representation of women in relation to men. I miss New York for that: women are short and tan and perky, like me.
Besides all of that though, I enjoy looking at all the lovely heels women sport over here. I wish I was as brave as them. I prefer wedges, and it's a good thing they're pretty 'in' now!
Coclico, "Morphos"

Coclico, "Monarch"

Esska, "Nip"

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[mother] said...

My dear, you have excellent taste. And the prices!!

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