05 May 2011

Aged gouda and fromage blanc

Lately with dinner we've been eating a delicious aged gouda cheese that I almost can't get enough of. And, because it's strawberry season, fraises et fromage blanc. Now, how to describe fromage blanc... let's say that sour cream and crème fraîche got together, had a baby, and let plain yogurt have a part in the whole thing too. That's what it tastes like. Add a little sugar and drizzle over strawberry halves. OY.
This is not what's pictured above, though. Above is my host mom's wonderful raspberry charlotte. She made it when my mom visited, and again this past weekend to celebrate her own mother's birthday. It's a mom thing, I s'pose. It's awfully photogenic, too.


[mother] said...

So, so delicious. Make sure you get that recipe. Please.

Robby said...

That picture makes me want to eat my fridge.