14 May 2011

M. Ward takes the cake

Every single time I see him live, he confirms for me even further how truly talented he is as an artist, and how much I've grown up beside his music. His albums brought me through adolescence. I swear I can attribute to him at least a smidge of my slightly lacking quality of gracefulness, my ability to recognize poetry in music, and many, many white nights, bus rides, plane rides, and awful situations turned tranquil. Seeing him now, at this point in my youth, feels so good. After years of being a fan and watching his hair turn salt-and-peppery in the same way that I am aging (perhaps not as visibly but inevitably am) makes me feel like we've arrived at something. Or maybe I've just arrived at something, I don't know what. Je sais pas quoi.
At one point in the concert, someone requested "Rollercoaster". He said, I'd love to play that but I need someone to come up and play the piano with me (as he was completely solo on stage), maybe in D major... any takers? (At this point I was kicking myself for quitting piano at age 12 and immediately thereafter forgetting every bit of it.) So a random dude from Iceland hopped up on stage and played the piano with him! While M. Ward was showing him what to do, the guy did something and M. Ward said, "Yeah yeah that's perfect." We were right in the front at this tiny venue, and it was basically silent in there (so parisian), so my immediate reaction to this resonated rather loudly: "Dude, M. Ward just called you perfect." My group and I burst into laughter at how ridiculous I am... and it was all just a really good time.
He also played this song and dedicated it to all the artists living in Paris. I had a happiness brain explosion. *sigh*.

This is another really great fan video. I'm impressed at how many of them exist out there.

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