21 May 2011

Auguste and Camille

 I went to the Musée Rodin yesterday. It was part of my 'last things to do in Paris before I leave' tour of the city. It's a pretty tiny museum but the works that they have are just incredible. I've been reading up a little on the nuts story of Auguste and Camille too. I can see her folie in her works, her crazed nature. How she was driven towards that. I can't even imagine how it really was.
This one Rodin piece, Je suis belle, really caught my eye. It's a man clutching onto a woman who's folded up in his arms. These pictures are from different angles so you can see the whole thing (photographing sculpture is so tricky like that). I think the one below it, Femme accroupie, was a study for this one. Just amazing. 
Claudel did a bunch of sculptures in what looked like jade or this lovely green marble. Just all kinds of awesome stone, really. I love how in La Vague, the wave looks like a bunch of men crashing on the women. I don't know much about her at all, but I feel that she probably represents a large population of late 19th century women who shared these sentiments towards men at the time. I read somewhere that after Rodin stopped seeing her he continued to support her financially, but she was constantly trying to be free from him. That says a lot.
In L'Age Mûr, she's pulling Rodin away from death and old age. I think it's one of the most beautiful and tragic things ever made, this one. When I get to heaven, I'm going to give her a really big hug.

Rodin, Je suis belle
Rodin, Je suis belle
Rodin, Je suis belle
Rodin, Femme accroupie (Crouching Woman)
Camille Claudel, La Vague (The Wave)
Camille Claudel, Gossipers
Camille Claudel, L'Age Mûr (The Age of Maturity)

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