11 February 2010

Valentine's babbling, goods, and some love poetry

Music: The Magnetic Fields- 69 Love Songs. Reissue or not, vinyl or not, get it and listen up. 
Most appropriate for the holiday...

I am surprised at myself. So far, the approaching crapfest that (usually) is Valentine's Day hasn't been too... depressing? awful? sad and sorry?

The difference this year is that I am finally realizing that I have some extremely great people in my life. I always knew they were there, but I now comprehend their value. I like to think that Valentine's Day is more about love in general, not necessarily only kissy kissy love (I swear, I'm mature). Not to say it wouldn't be nice to have a beau... but you know, you take what you get. I got some lemons, they finally ripened, and now my lemonade rocks.

My plans for the weekend include going to see two films:  
1. Valentine's Day, because it's the single-girl movie that comes out every V-Day. I can't stay away!
2. The Wolfman, because, as the friend I'm going with says, "The only thing that makes me happier than unhappy couples is a half-man, half-wolf tearing apart happy couples."

On that note, here are some fun items for you. Single, Happily Taken, Unhappily Taken, Stuck, Blissful, Confused, Whatever. We all have something to celebrate.

 Umbrella Jewelery Stand from Urban Outfitters

My mom (hey, Mom!) has a crystal ring/jewelry dish that I used to play with when I was very little. This reminds me of it.

Petite Soy Candle from Global Girlfriend

Global Girlfriend is a great company that supports women in difficult economic situations. About this specific product: "Made by the Enterprising Kitchen, a nonprofit social enterprise that provides workforce development and support services to women who are working toward self-sufficiency and economic independence."

Daisy Pink & Black Silk Bra from Hopeless on Etsy

I can't get this little number off my mind! Every item in this shop is made-to-order.

Have you ever seen a more striking shower curtain?! This is so beautiful I can't stand it.

My favorite flower, and one of my favorite van Gogh paintings.
"I am very busy working on my sunflowers, and in reality I have nothing to say." 
Vincent van Gogh in a letter to Wilhelmina van Gogh, August 1888

And what would the day be without some love poetry?

"A Thunderstorm in Town (A Reminiscence: 1893)" by Thomas Hardy

She wore a new 'terra-cotta' dress,
And we stayed because of the pelting storm,
Within the hansom's dry recess,
Though the horse had stopped; yea, motionless 
     We sat on, snug and warm.

Then the downpour ceased, to my sharp sad pain,
And the glass that had screened our forms before
Flew up, and out she sprang to her door:
I should have kissed her if the rain
     Had lasted a minute more.

"Oh, when I was in love with you..." by A.E. Housman

Oh, when I was in love with you,
Then I was clean and brave,
And miles around the wonder grew
How well did I behave. 

And now the fancy passes by,
And nothing will remain,
And miles around they'll say that I
Am quite myself again.

"Kidnap Poem" by Nikki Giovanni

ever been kidnapped
by a poet
if i were a poet
i'd kidnap you
put you in my phrase and meter
you to jones beach
or maybe coney island
or maybe just to my house
lyric you in lilacs
dash you into the beach
to complement my see
play the lyre for you
ode you with my love song
anything to win you
wrap you in the red Black green
show you off to mama
yeah if i were a poet i'd kid
nap you

And the classic...

"The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" by Christopher Marlowe

Come live with me and be my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove
That valleys, groves, hills, and fields,
Woods, or steepy mountain yields. 

And we will sit upon rocks,
Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks,
By shallow rivers to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals. 

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant poises,
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle; 

A gown made of the finest wool
Which from our pretty lambs we pull;
Fair lined slippers for the cold,
With buckles of the purest gold; 

A belt of straw and ivy buds,
With coral clasps and amber studs;
And if these pleasures may thee move,
Come live with me, and be my love. 

The shepherds's swains shall dance and sing
For thy delight each May morning:
If these delights thy mind may move,
Then live with me and be my love. 

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