23 February 2010

Keep warm

So, I've accepted it... it's still winter.
Conveniently, Anthropologie is having a massive bedding sale.


I wonder if I could make something like this one day.

Fun fact: when I was in 2nd grade, a big bad 3rd grader (whom I believe was named Russell) taught me how to spell "encyclopedia" on the bus ride to school. He told me that if anyone ever made fun of me, I could just tell them I knew how to spell "encyclopedia" and they would shut up. Then he proceded to make fun of me. Oh, youth!

Alhambra Euro Sham and Bedskirt

and I just love this style...


which also comes in this great eggplant hue,


 mmmm... pretty surroundings.


Tara Brisson said...

The tree wallpaper in one of those pictures is what I want REALLY badly when I redo my room!

Milk And Honey said...

I loveeeee it! I'll drive four hours to help you decorate!!