17 February 2011

a sunny morning

in a few ways more than one.

I woke up a little late today only to find the sun shining through the thick red and orange curtains in my room. The sun. I see it so rarely that I've begun to actually take notice when it comes out. Maybe in the long run this Parisian weather will help me appreciate and take advantage of good weather more often. [insert quip about me keeping on the bright side of the street/fence/life, whatever.]

I got dressed and went to the corner store to buy some eggs. I've had a craving for fried eggs (sunny side up, of course) for about a week now, and this was my morning damnit! This little store around the corner is called 8àhuit, which just means "8 to 8". I take it to be France's exponentially more amazing version of 7-11. (They even sell this delicious raspberry yogurt that comes in a little glass jar, and a dozen varieties of those terrific pudding-type desserts that everyone here loves.) I bought the eggs and a little container of apple mango pressed juice (ugh, so good), and upon arriving home, immediately got back into my comfy clothes. This had to be done right.

(For the record, the sun was STILL shining at this point... such a record for Paris.)

Toast, butter, fried eggs, salt, tons of pepper, juice, sunshine... the simplest things, it was just so perfect. 

Then I felt compelled to listen to this song and its accompanying album so cleverly titled Album.

Took a shower, did some yoga, glanced at my email, and left for the darkroom. Spent hours there, made good prints. I've been taking the bus to the studio this week, which I much prefer to the metro. There's so much more to look at out the window.

la-di-da. more soon. bises.

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