21 February 2011

If only everything could be sorted carrément

squarely. blunty. all neat in little charts and graphs.

Today on the métro, an extremely attractive young guy got on just after me. He was carrying an art portfolio (the same kind I bought last week), so I thought he was neat from the beginning. Then after a few stops he pulled one of these rubiks cubes out of his bag and started fiddling with it, hands like lightning. Soon enough everyone on the crowded train was staring at him in the corner. He was so close to being finished too, but I imagine that with these things it doesn't matter if it looks like you're almost done unless you're actually done.

I am a very visual person, but I cannot for the life of me picture how to solve rubiks cubes. I wonder if part of my brain has trouble putting things in terms of squares, boxes, geometry. In photo class tonight I took instruction to hold a flashlight in the dark and move it at only 90 degree angles while the camera was on bulb. In the picture, my lines weren't straight. I can draw a fairly straight line with a pencil, but a circle, not so much. Yet when I move I much prefer soft and circular motions. When I think, I think in circles, not in lines. I connect things from beginning and end to make perfect little wholes and then put them aside; I can't do linear plots. My eyes move around artworks, people, places, all in circles, and a lot of the time I don't take in everything that's there, like in the middle of a circle. Example: it took me two days to look up in my own Parisian bedroom to see that the light source is a birdcage lamp (ironically shaped like two squares, one on top of a bigger one). Yet I was completely enamored with the fact that I finally have an armoir.

Brains, geez. je ne comprends rien.

first picture via tune the proletariat

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