07 February 2011


The sidewalks are covered in loogies, dog poo, and very serious looking people.
I bought some postcards of beautiful sculptures and tacked them up in my room.
Lyon this weekend was wonderful. Pictures to follow.
I cannot wait to go back to the Musée des Beaux-Arts.
Learning (in another language) how to use a photography studio is no easy task.
This stuff: saving my knuckles since I've been in Paris.
Monoprix is an amazing store (think: cheap cool clothes + B&N + ginormous grocery store)
Seeing two completely straight men kiss each other on each cheek makes me so happy.
And it happens so often here!
It's official: I must cut back on the amount of cheese I'm eating. No bueno.
But the ham can stay.
I can't stop listening to Blue. I feel 15 again.
Sitting on the métro and reading a French magazine makes me feel like a local.
Choosing themes for my work is proving to be a challenge. In time the theme will choose me.

I feel like I've been gone forever.

Joseph Chinard, Juliette Récamier

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