27 February 2011

So I'm finally reading Pride & Prejudice

after years of watching the movies and discussing it with family and friends. I enjoy how truly frank and ballsy Lizzy is in the book. My plan is to rewatch the BBC mini-series when I'm finished with the book, as I haven't seen it since I was quite young and watched it with my mom.

I'm reading the little red Collector's Library edition, and in it are these wonderful drawings by victorian illustrator Hugh Thompson. There's a shocking lack of good quality images online of his work, but here's what I could find.

'And your defect is a propensity to hate everybody.' 
'And yours,' he replied with a smile, 
'is wilfully to misunderstand them.'

tit-for-tat. tête-à-tête. witty banter. j'adore l'époque victorienne.

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