11 June 2010

June Came With A Gust

This has been the busiest two weeks!
Things I have done since June 1:

   - Met Anthony Bourdain (no, I didn't faint! Can you believe it?)
- Woke up so late to meet Anthony Bourdain (12:30 pm, REALLY Catherine?) that I didn't even shower. I met Anthony Bourdain unshowered.
- Got Anthony Boudain's autograph.
- Told Anthony Bourdain that I will try bone marrow one day all because of him.
- Discovered streets in New York City that I never knew existed (Bethune St.? Morton St.? You bet!)
- Sent in my entire application to study abroad in Paris next January (!!!!)
- Bought two great dresses.
- Helped a man with an enormous upright bass get into the subway.
- Spent four days, one of which was my birthday, in New Hampshire with some friends at a log cabin.
- Swam in a lake for the first time.
- Had a man sing to me in Italian on said birthday (!!!!)
- Saw the Picasso: Themes and Variations exhibit at MoMA (GO)
- Sat in the middle of Bruce Nauman's Days, felt the cacophony, got uncomfortable, left.
- Actually, saw every exhibit on every floor at MoMA. Including the amazing architectural project Rising Currents, which is so much more interesting in person.
- Attended Symphony Space: Selected Shorts and listened to three amazing short stories. (Favorite: La Conchita by T.C. Boyle, as read by Isaiah Sheffer. Riveting!)
- Read 25 out of the 50 short stories in my book. 25  to go.
- Saw Camera Obscura live!! They were great, great, great. I danced away all the blues in the world. Horns, violins, the whole shebang.
- Attended two art workshops, Drawing the Human Head and Jungian Archetypes & Maskmaking. Pictures of the mask I made are soon to come.
- And tomorrow, I am leaving for two nights in Hampton Bays with two friends I rarely see. 

That will conclude the two busiest weeks of my summer.

I will soon be getting developed many rolls of film from New Hampshire and summer/ late spring. So I'll have some new (hopefully good) photos to post here.

In the meantime, here's one from mossière,

and a bunch from my wonderful friend Arielle Fears.
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homes are so nice... 

I will write more when time allows. And it will allow.

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