16 June 2011

Barcelona: streets, buildings, & boats

The second city in Spain that I saw. We stayed in a hostel where the building was truly the most beautiful low budget living arrangement that exists, I'm convinced. I remember that I ran out of 35mm film, so I used my lomo Diana to take some shots of the interior as we were leaving. They were long exposure and I don't think they came out. A word of advice: if you're going to get a medium format camera, get a good one. I've wasted more rolls of film (and the money! oy) with that Diana, and the shots I do get are always a bit mediocre.
Anywho, Barcelona was awesome and a really, really good time. Wonderful if you're looking for nice people, good food, and some lovely museums. I recommend the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and the Museu de Picasso.
Next up are the market pictures. Get ready for a color explosion...

antique market

neat sculpture

coffins hung on the walls!

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