15 April 2011


I'm sitting home in Paris taking a petite pause until later on when I'll be boarding a bus to Brussels for the weekend. Last week was spent in Spain: Zaragoza and Barcelona. I took 8 rolls of film. I swear this blog will be so much more interesting and up-to-date once I have a scanner at my disposal again.

Here are some paintings I saw in Barcelona at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. This museum is unlike any other I've ever been to. It's very Catalunya-specific, but the variety therein is incredible. The 19th and 20th century paintings by obscure artists that you don't learn about in AH101 were just phenomenal. They're potent enough to remind anyone why art in general, as a practice, is so brilliant.

Joaquim Mir, Poble escalonat, 1909

Joaquim Sorolla, Retrats d'Elena i Maria amb vestits valencians antics, 1908

Lluís Masriera, Ombres reflectides, 1920

Ramon Casas, La mandra, 1898-1900

Ramon Casas, Primero pasarás sobre mi cadáver, 1893

And last, but certainly not least, Picasso's Los Pichones series (located at the Museu de Picasso in Barcelona, also a 'must' if you're in town.)

on a musical note (ha! pun intended)...

I have a really neat book at home in NY called Conversation Pieces: Poems that Talk to Other Poems, and I've been thinking lately that it would be cool if a publication existed in the same vein but for music. There's probably something out there already, but either way I'd like to make my contribution:

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