08 April 2011

When mom comes to town...

My mom came to visit me in Paris for a week. It was totally wonderful having her here, showing her my favorite neighborhoods, stores, boulangeries... I could go on. The highlight of the week for me was our day trip to Versailles. We took an audio tour of the chateau, which was super interesting. The weather was perfect, the gardens had bloomed, and I shot many rolls of film. We went to Marie Antoinette's private chateau, Trianon, and rented bikes to get there (my suggestion). My last adventure on a bike ended, well, badly. But as they say, it always comes back to you right? Like riding a bike? Right.

My mom and I were laughing from the moment we got on the bikes because this usually isn't our thing. So I found my balance and went. It was super fun, and I got a sweet rush of something great... until 40 feet later when I had to navigate between two very close posts and realized I was moving a lot faster than I thought. So as you can imagine, this is when I crashed. I was fine, and I got right back on, laughing all the while (and listening to my mom laugh AT me as she kept riding, because this is just so me: to fall off a rented bike when it was my idea in the first place). I didn't fall on my bag so my cameras were fine. Funnily enough, I got a big bruise on my knee and skinned it right where I have a scar from falling off my bike when I was 8 years old. This was the first of many, apparently.

I picked up the rolls taken with my Diana F+ from the lab today, and they came out all right. I'm waiting until I get home to have any prints made, as the prices are pretty elevated here. I actually am looking forward to reliving Paris during the summer through having all the prints made... scanning them, spending time with them. It's a good thing.

Here are some newbies. Click the picture to be transported to my flickr.
I can't believe how wonderful the light is at the end of the day here. It makes a thing like wet laundry look glorious.

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[mother] said...

You forgot to mention the sand in you pocket. Or, for that matter, the two of us trying to figure out the bike lock. Pathetic.