08 April 2011

Springtime in music

This week turned out to be my annual celebration I like to call "Catherine's springtime love affair with great music"! Every year when the temperatures rise after cold and dreary winters, I swear music just sounds different. Better, even. Some of my favorite videos from this week...

The secret show Arcade Fire played in Haiti. Looks like fun, right?

My good friend Matt Sucich (sue-sitch) debuted his new album Jubilation and Jealousy at Joe's Pub on March 26! This is a new song not on the record. You can find the record and other recordings of him on Bandcamp and iTunes, all linked on his website above. Fancy!

The Bewitched Hands on the Top of our Heads performed "Hard to Cry" for La Blogothèque (up there with Daytrotter for one of the best music collaboration ideas ever). This sesh was recorded in Reims, France. The end is just... SO good.


This one too. It's been a favorite for some months, but lately it's really hitting home.

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