24 March 2011

Roustem Saïtkoulov + His Grand Piano

Last night I went to a piano concert. The player was Roustem Saïtkoulov and the pieces were by Chopin, Schumann, Stravinsky, and Prokofiev. I didn't get a program for some reason. (I think the girl who shows people to their seats was bitter because I didn't have my tip ready for her immediately upon being seated. Thus, no program for you américaine, you!) I'm a bit miffed too because I couldn't quite find one after the show, and I don't know which specific pieces were played.  
 But besides all that nonsense, it was an intense and beautiful show. Here's a clip of Saïtkoulov performing Rachmaninov. This wasn't what I heard last night, but it's the only decent thing I can find on youtube. The piano makes me hang my head to the side, smile a little, and sigh. Sometimes furrow my brow. All good things.

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