17 March 2011

Already decorating...

Though I'll be in Europe for more than the next two months, I can't help but be excited at the prospect of getting an apartment in New York when I return. I think about it constantly. Finally, a place all to myself. It will be small, but mine. I truly can't wait.

My mom informed me the other day that she suddenly detests the mirror I picked out for my bathroom at home, featured in this picture.

So it's now mine for my near future apartment and I am so thrilled! It's super heavy, made of mosaic style glass pieces with a thick rough black trim. And it's round– I have a thing for round mirrors. My family is in possession of a plethora of furniture from this person and that person, all stored away in various basements and hideaways. I'm excited that I get to essentially have my pick of it all when the time comes. Especially a certain armoir from a family friend.... I also have a thing for armoirs. 

I feel a future post about art nouveau et les arts décoratifs coming to fruition. Keep an eye out.

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[mother] said...

It will be the best apt in NYC.