11 March 2011

Fat Friday!

Vendredi Gras > Mardi Gras.

This morning I stumbled into a neighborhood not too far from where I live. I'd never been there before, so I just walked around and tried to absorb the surroundings (a skill I'm becoming quite proficient at). I stumbled upon a traiteur/ boulangerie/ boucherie/ patisserie alsacien, the first of its kind I've seen in Paris. So obviously I went in. Lunch ended up being the most ridiculously fatty sandwich I've probably ever eaten. It looked kind of like this, but better:

Ingredients: saucisson sec cut in paper thin slices, sprinkled with paper thin slices of the most delicious pickle I've ever had. Oh and there was butter, a lot of it. The baguette was the best I've had in Paris thus far, definitely. And for dessert a chocolate tart that I'm almost positive was 3/4 butter and 1/4 chocolate.

This is just lunch.

So yes. Fat Friday.

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