28 September 2010

Sufjan Returns with The Age of Adz!

Most of the world (and when I say world I mean the world of blogs, music, and concerts, of course) is obsessed with Sufjan Stevens. He's absurdly talented, mysterious, interesting, a quiet musician and artist. People like people like Sufjan. Plus there's the perpetual murmured conversation among concert goers and fans: how the hell does one pronounce that name?

We haven't heard a new LP from him since 2005's Come On Feel The Illinoise!. Last month he released a new EP titled All Delighted People, which I'm downloading as I type. And now an announcement of a new album out next month? What did we do to deserve this?!

NPR, in all its diverse and awesome wisdom, is streaming the new album for all to hear. The Age of Adz is much more electronic, layered, less folky than Illinoise!, but I'm enjoying it thus far. The songwriting is still there, still beautiful. le sighhhhh.

24 September 2010

A Family Wedding + Dace: Fall 2010

Love these looks. Courtesy of dace.

I'm flying away to the great state of Florida to witness my brother and a lovely lady commit their lives to each other! I will return next week with many a tale of revelry, mischief, and hopefully some great photos. A très bientôt...

21 September 2010

Flickrs, Tumblrs, Tigers, and Wilco, me oh my!

I made this blogger account before tumblr existed (I think). And I didn't quite know what flickr was, if it was even around in 2005. But alas, I've come around. I try to avoid making too many online accounts because it feels like technology overload after a while. But considering I'm going to Paris next year, I know I will want a place to showcase photos. Soooo.... here's my flickr!

Sunset from the roof of the Met. Silhouettes provided by Big Bambu.

I've been experiencing a revival of my love for Wilco's classic album Summerteeth. The craving to listen to Jeff Tweedy's voice came upon me most randomly but is proving to be rather enjoyable. I'm also considering biting the bullet and buying both of the Tweedy/ Billy Bragg albums, Mermaid Avenue I - II. I need some good, wholesome tunes to hold me over until Iron & Wine releases something new (zing!)

19 September 2010


Wouldn’t that be great? 
Wouldn’t that be great if that was the thing—
having the good word with us? 
The good word about what makes us all the same?

Such a powerful voice. If I had encountered this on the sidewalk, I would have been (in this order),
1. ecstatic beyond belief, and
2. ridiculously impressed at how great his voice is without any tweaking.

Please, dear heavens, let me run into Adam Arcuragi in New York City one day.

18 September 2010

My best second-hand find, to date...

From Anna and Roy, my new favorite online shop and blog (they get photo credit, too).

A sliding bookshelf with built in book ends! 
It folds up, is completely portable, was inexpensive, and makes me really happy.

15 September 2010

New Obsession

How cute is this little bike! So snazzy!!!! It folds up into a little package. And these colors... classy as hell. From Citizen.

11 September 2010

Just one more summer sunset...

This summer I photographed a ridiculous amount of sunsets. My brother and a lovely lady are getting married at the end of this month, and they recruited me to take pictures for their beach-themed place cards and such. (Did I tell this story already? I may have.)

Anywho, this is one sunset I didn't photograph (though I wish I had - so pretty!)

and an awesome polaroid of long island!

photos via native kee.
here and here.


via lolita

10 September 2010

Les choses féminines

Who painted this cover? The artist isn't listed in the book. Blasphemy. And I like this necklace.

07 September 2010

Two new ladies

Fashion week! Have you heard it's fashion week? It's around the corner from me! Everyone's going crazy!

Two new designers ripe for the picking this year...

Made the poncho/cape look attractive! Quite a feat in my eyes.

WHIT by Whitney Pozgay
And great taste + sense of humor.

06 September 2010

Lost in translation

I'm sure this is the exact title that Bach had in mind.

05 September 2010

Andrea Wan

I find these astonishing.

Reading all month

She loved the sea only for the sake of tempests, 
the meadow only as a background for some ruined pile. 
From everything she had to extract some kind of personal profit; 
and she discarded as useless anything that did not lend itself 
to her heart's immediate satisfaction — 
endowed with a temperament more sentimental than artistic, 
preferring emotions rather than landscapes.


If a diamond ring could resemble an alien...

It would look like this. I love the style! But it reminds me of an alien. 
I have a completely random and intense relationship with asymmetry.

Animals by United Thread