19 September 2010


Wouldn’t that be great? 
Wouldn’t that be great if that was the thing—
having the good word with us? 
The good word about what makes us all the same?

Such a powerful voice. If I had encountered this on the sidewalk, I would have been (in this order),
1. ecstatic beyond belief, and
2. ridiculously impressed at how great his voice is without any tweaking.

Please, dear heavens, let me run into Adam Arcuragi in New York City one day.


Clayton said...

I don't know about on the street.... but I saw he's playing in Brooklyn, at Union Pool, in November.

I love this music soooo much - great post.

Catherine said...

No way!! I must check that out. I can't seem to find a clear list of tour dates... he's such an interesting fellow.

EsMatteo said...

amazing. Let's film a song in the streets. I think we know enough people to make a scene.

Catherine said...

totally! You play music and I'll play videographer, with backup vocals and possible harmonica from the friends. I am SO in favor of this.