28 September 2010

Sufjan Returns with The Age of Adz!

Most of the world (and when I say world I mean the world of blogs, music, and concerts, of course) is obsessed with Sufjan Stevens. He's absurdly talented, mysterious, interesting, a quiet musician and artist. People like people like Sufjan. Plus there's the perpetual murmured conversation among concert goers and fans: how the hell does one pronounce that name?

We haven't heard a new LP from him since 2005's Come On Feel The Illinoise!. Last month he released a new EP titled All Delighted People, which I'm downloading as I type. And now an announcement of a new album out next month? What did we do to deserve this?!

NPR, in all its diverse and awesome wisdom, is streaming the new album for all to hear. The Age of Adz is much more electronic, layered, less folky than Illinoise!, but I'm enjoying it thus far. The songwriting is still there, still beautiful. le sighhhhh.

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