21 September 2010

Flickrs, Tumblrs, Tigers, and Wilco, me oh my!

I made this blogger account before tumblr existed (I think). And I didn't quite know what flickr was, if it was even around in 2005. But alas, I've come around. I try to avoid making too many online accounts because it feels like technology overload after a while. But considering I'm going to Paris next year, I know I will want a place to showcase photos. Soooo.... here's my flickr!

Sunset from the roof of the Met. Silhouettes provided by Big Bambu.

I've been experiencing a revival of my love for Wilco's classic album Summerteeth. The craving to listen to Jeff Tweedy's voice came upon me most randomly but is proving to be rather enjoyable. I'm also considering biting the bullet and buying both of the Tweedy/ Billy Bragg albums, Mermaid Avenue I - II. I need some good, wholesome tunes to hold me over until Iron & Wine releases something new (zing!)

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