28 December 2010

Fleur Wood

It's been so cold here, and though I'm enjoying getting thorough use out of my sweater collection, I can't help but think about how nice it would be to bask in the warm sun. Or even just to have the sun stay out past 4:30.

Yesterday I discovered Fleur Wood's website, and I think her beautiful designs are what propelled me even further into my pining for sun and sand.

Then, completely coincidentally, I was looking at Anthropologie's site today and saw for sale a book she's written about party planning and decor. (I swear I didn't see the advertisement on her homepage for the book – at that moment all I was interested in were the pretty dresses!) It's titled Food Fashion Friends: Recipes and Styling for Unforgettable Parties, and I want it. I don't care that it's $50 or that I have no place to throw a party. I'll throw unforgettable parties one day, peut-être. I hope. J'espère.

So I guess it's no surprise that this has been floating around my head for the past three days...

I had never seen the video for this song until now, and hot damn, it's not what I expected. Though it's very cool (and I can't imagine what the set looked like while filming / the crazy editing process), it's not what I would have done with the song.

I think the girl who posted the highest rated comment said it best: "this is so not what I imagined when listening to this song, I always thought of like beach vollyball and stuff." 


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