12 November 2010

Lately on my mind


  • Charles Burchfield sunflower wallpaper
  • Mrs. Warren's Profession on Broadway
  • the new Iron & Wine (!!!!)
  • Kate Winslet in Little Children 
  • knitting with beautiful yarn
  • Brian Ferry, photographer, and his amazing site the blue hour
  • the fact that my life revolves around picking which French book/ book about France to read next
  • "Racing Like a Pro", the fact that The National is a great band to listen to while in transit, and the apparent youtube trend to make videos on this theme.
  • a dream I had a few nights ago. I was hiding from a sudden rain storm under a massive elephant ear/ banana leaf. I felt so safe and childish, like when you hide under the dinner table or in the rack of clothing while shopping with your mom. When I woke up, I tried to pull the sheets over my head to recreate the feeling of being under that leaf, but it didn't work. THEN I googled images of the plant, because this is what google is for, and found the most adorable picture of a dog possibly ever.
  • estimating the amount of snearing glances I would get wearing this shirt in Paris.
  • and updating my flickr. how I held out on having one for this long, I do not know.

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