09 November 2010

Hanna Schygulla

I recently had to watch and write a paper on the film Effi Briest, directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. We read the book too (written by Theodor Fontane), and I have to say that the film does a fantastic job of translating the words to the screen. In my eyes, Hanna Schygulla plays a pitch perfect Effi. She is utterly germanic and utterly gorgeous. The photos don't really do her justice – you have to see her in action on film. I think watching her performance makes the 2.5 hours of reading subtitles worth it.

Since I saw The White Ribbon and now this one, I'm a roll to watch more German films. Any suggestions? Fassbinder made a whole bunch of films with Hanna, maybe I'll start there . . .

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