19 November 2010


I can't believe that on October 23 I wrote that I had made a total of 16 prints for my photo class — it's less than a month later and I've now made well over 50. I don't even remember doing all of that work. Maybe in the world of a working photographer that isn't considered very much? I don't know. 

These are three photos I took down by the bay in my hometown. One of my photography assignments was to shoot a roll of my 'conceptual self portrait' — representations of me that don't involve my physical body. I shot the above with my Lomo LC-A and Tri-X 400. The top one is a double exposure of the water and a jetty that juts out into it. I really like how these function as a set. Is there a well-paying job out there for people who like to take pictures and talk about art all day? 

le sighhh.