14 October 2010

Two Organic Jackets + Where I've Been

I know I've been lacking in posts. I was literally too busy studying prostitution in 19th century France to read blogs or post on my own. I find that I either need to stay in the world of academia for a week, or stay in the blog-craft world for a week. I can't do both very seriously at the same time. That will be my [ultimate] goal [besides blissful happiness] : to merge my worlds. (Besides, Baudelaire, Parent-Duchâtelet, and Emma Bovary would probably like blogging if they were around for it...)

I also went to sketch night at the Society of Illustrators, my new favorite place in the world. They offer low price ($7 student) figure drawing twice weekly! And I got a sketch card, so after I go to ten sketch nights, I can get in for free. Talk about incentive.

It's getting permanently chilly in New York. For about three hours during the day it's warm, but otherwise cold. These Loomstate jackets caught my eye, and I really like the idea of wearing them with white/ light gray pants.

And my scarves. I knit so much for other people or for my shop, but I've only made myself two scarves that I like (and I only really like one of them). I'm working on a very tedious tight-knit teal colored scarf now. I will probably update the shop next month.

I'm really hoping to get to Heat Waves in a Swamp and Hipsters, Hustlers, and Handball Players before they close this weekend. Upper East Side, here I come...

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