05 October 2010

200th post, Daytrotter, and why I like it under my bed

My first true print for my photography class this semester. I rather like it! Many more will be coming in the following weeks...

I was just checking up on Daytrotter, as I do weekly (and you should too), only to be struck by one of the recent articles written by Sean Moeller, who I believe writes the majority of the articles, if not all of them. The article accompanies Dark Dark Dark's session. The opening lines really caught my attention...

"It really is kind of amazing how goddamn cunning the human heart is - not the organ, mind you - but the fictitious concept of the heart as a thinking and acting object, capable of rampant destruction and the sorts of nose-bleed, giggle fest highs that are impossible to find elsewhere. Oh, it's very cunning. It's really amazing that there is never any gain involved with the perspective of getting down to brass tacks with it, of feeling like there is any headway being made in its study. But it's just where we tend to leave ourselves, staggering and mumbling to ourselves - still without a stitch of sureness, with a wandering echo inside that we take as the beat of that lovely pump. It's a beat, and often a hollow one, that we convince ourselves is a necessity, a mark of still being alive, as the Tin Man noted, finally knowing that he had a heart for he could feel it breaking under the strain of sadness."

BAM. So insightful! I don't know why that hit me so hard, but I really like it. He writes again about the Clare and the Reasons session...

"She seems - in her soft breezes of spring singing - to believe in the power of positive thinking and in good friends, a good night's rest, a full belly, something wonderful to drink and a clear sky. She might believe that nothing else matters, for the love and the comfort will surely follow if those basic needs are met on a regular basis. In her songs, we get rocked, like a child - held as it were, as if we were in her arms and she was trying to wipe some wet tears from the corners of our eyes and just tell us over and over that everything was going to be just fine so no more crying. Just look around, she would say. Things aren't so bad. We can, after all, just choose to be happier. We really can. There are still those fascinations with needing loving and seeing it take all kinds of peculiar shapes and guises..."

The links to these articles and music are here and here, respectively.

Is everyone aware that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? If you see all of your friends updating their status on facebook to say something like, "I like it on the kitchen table," they're talking about their purses / bags / backpacks / etc. The game is to think of the place where you put your purse the minute you arrive at home. (Personally, I like it under my bed.) The previous game was to post the color of your bra, if you remember. OH, and the point of it all is to raise awareness for Breast Cancer research. Maybe if we start talking about it, we will start doing something about it. One can hope.

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