20 July 2010

Song of the Summer: Nomination Three

Being the indie nerd that I am (admittedly), Jenny Lewis is pretty significant to me. In high school, Rilo Kiley was my blue and mid-western dream team, my second voice, perfectly formulating the part of me that hated admitting I was a teenage girl. I have every song and know every word (except Under the Blacklight... what was that all about?)

But there were other heartthrobs in my life. Like Johnathan Rice. I acquired my first taste of his music upon hearing "Mid-November" I think it was, somewhere. After absorbing Extended Player 24:26 and Tin Can Love: Demo Recordings, and some singles and random songs from Trouble Is Real, I was hooked. Then A Girl Called Miami came out in '07, and it was pop-ier, but I didn't mind. In fact, I liked it. Then I lost track a bit and casually listened to songs when they came on shuffle or popped into my head while in the shower or doing yoga, you know how it is. Still haven't listened to Further North. It's supposed to be "farther", and that bothers me. Did you know "farther" refers to distance and "further" refers to perception? (You can take the kid out of the Catholic school but you can't take the Catholic school grammar out of the kid.)

THEN I got the news that he was involved with Jenny Lewis. Touring and playing for Rabbit Fur Coat? Right hand man on Acid Tongue? And now they're DATING? (We all knew things wouldn't work out with Blake, right?) Sweet, yes, awesome. If this is the stuff you're creating, please keep going.

[How GREAT is her voice? and how ridiculous is that puppet?!]

And then there was Jenny and Johnny.

There's no official video yet, but if it's good it will be on here when it's released. For now, I give you nomination three for my tune of the summer, "Scissor Runner".

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