11 August 2011


I would give most anything to be in Paris today, looking out of this window into this blue sky, eating fried eggs and drinking tea and speaking French. Standing on that balcony to feel the warm sun. Being quiet.

08 August 2011

the north fork

Spent a great day on the North Fork of Long Island with my family last week. I'd love to live in a big colonial house out there one day.

07 August 2011

Sylvia Plath

I've been reading her 'Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams' collection of short stories.
Listening to these recordings of her is so fascinating. Her accent is terrific and she is so interesting. She's officially added to my list of deceased people I'd like to dine with. (Everybody has one of these lists, right?)

morning walks

I got up early this morning at 8 am though my alarm was set for 9:30. My body was boiling with energy, so I decided to go for a walk on the Upper West Side. I always knew I loved this neighborhood, but every time I explore a different part of it I fall in love even more. I discovered a Mint boutique that I didn't know existed, a Steven Alan outpost, a very cute restaurant called Good Enough to Eat, and Amsterdam Gourmet, a quaint market with everything from French pastry to yogurt to breakfast sandwiches to wine. I bought yogurt, and then stopped at the Greenmarket and found blackberries!! Local ones! So yummy.

New photos are on the way. I found my stash of never-before-printed 120 negatives, and I decided to invest in seeing how they came out. I've also been knitting a whole bunch, and I made my first socks. I was completely inspired by Jenny over at Wiksten, who is not only a wonderful knitter but an even wonderfuler clothing designer. I hope to soon catch one of her shop updates in time to snag a piece for my own!

Here are two recent photos of mine that I'm quite liking. The first is from this downpour, and the second from a sunset in Madison Square Park one evening with friends over some Shake Shack grub, my absolute, 100% not-so-guilty pleasure.

01 August 2011

where have I been?

right here. 
I have no idea.
It's been a weird month, this July creature.
Here's to making August last.

photo by Lisa Smit.
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