13 July 2011

notes on today

- I got caught in the craziest rain shower in Astor Place. The wind and rain blew down east 8th street like they were racing to see who could hit people faster. I ducked into a parking garage with my friend and took out my camera. I jumped out onto the sidewalk and shot a picture. The sun was in the middle of two buildings a bit off center. It was perfect. It was so bright you could see the streaks of rain. They looked like pick-up sticks falling from the sky. Then I ran to the subway alongside everyone else. There were lots of shouting and random exclamations. Climbed onto the R soaking wet. It was really thrilling.

- Stumbled across the greenmarket in Union Square today. I always forget it happens on weekends and wednesdays. I bought so many veggies, including a lovely batch of golden beets. I'm going to bring them home and make mash for my family on Monday night.

- I'm in the market for a medium format camera. Something that won't break the bank (like that precious, drool-inducing Hasselblad 503CW). The main contender is a Seagull GC-105, but the reviews are awful. A friend of mine has a Lubitel and likes it. My other friend has a Yashica Mat and likes it a lot. Any opinions, fellow photographers?

- I painted my toes this fun mint green color. My digital camera is a big piece of nothing.

- The gallery where I'm interning represents a photographer named Jose Picayo. First off, his work is incredible. But his portraits are the thing. I know there is a method to doing it, but he has some way of making the center or a certain part of the person's face in focus while the rest remains out of focus. I attempted to do that with my feet photos above, kinda, ishhh. Mildly successful, I think.

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