07 August 2011

morning walks

I got up early this morning at 8 am though my alarm was set for 9:30. My body was boiling with energy, so I decided to go for a walk on the Upper West Side. I always knew I loved this neighborhood, but every time I explore a different part of it I fall in love even more. I discovered a Mint boutique that I didn't know existed, a Steven Alan outpost, a very cute restaurant called Good Enough to Eat, and Amsterdam Gourmet, a quaint market with everything from French pastry to yogurt to breakfast sandwiches to wine. I bought yogurt, and then stopped at the Greenmarket and found blackberries!! Local ones! So yummy.

New photos are on the way. I found my stash of never-before-printed 120 negatives, and I decided to invest in seeing how they came out. I've also been knitting a whole bunch, and I made my first socks. I was completely inspired by Jenny over at Wiksten, who is not only a wonderful knitter but an even wonderfuler clothing designer. I hope to soon catch one of her shop updates in time to snag a piece for my own!

Here are two recent photos of mine that I'm quite liking. The first is from this downpour, and the second from a sunset in Madison Square Park one evening with friends over some Shake Shack grub, my absolute, 100% not-so-guilty pleasure.

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