21 August 2010

Okay, I cheated (just a little)

I'm no cheater, I tell ya! But I skirted the issue on this one. I didn't officially nominate this song as a "Song of the Summer". BUT it was mentioned before I even started the competition (some competition when I'm the only judge, eh?)

Remember when I went to New Hampshire and took some great photos? Well, I prefaced that post with "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?" performed by Justin Townes Earle and Dawn Landes (wifey to Josh Ritter!), partly because the video happened to be in black and white like my photos, but mostly because I sung, hummed, and whistled that tune incessantly for the duration of my trip. And it's been that way ALL summer; I can't get that dang song out of my head!

According to Wikipedia (which my future sister-in-law and I have dubbed "the truthiest source of truth"), the tune was written by Dolly Parton but not recorded until a number of years later. Now, in general, I am no fan of The Dolly, but she gone went 'n proved me wrong here.

Ok. Enough of this.
If you'd like to hear the recorded version, see my original NH post. Here's a live version.
Oh, and it's my official Song of the Summer! Whenever I hear it I'll be transported back to Summer 2010.

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