27 April 2010

One at a time.

I feel that I've been relishing in technology too much lately. I don't mean technology per se... I don't know the word. Information, maybe. My wonderful art teacher in high school used to tell us to step away from the "image overload" that society bombards us with daily. He said it pollutes our imaginations (well, roughly, though I'm sure he wouldn't disagree with this wording). And it's true - there are images everywhere. It can be overwhelming. Hell, it IS overwhelming.

Too often I prefer quantity over quality, you know? Quantity does have its place (obviously), but it should not be appreciated at the expense of quality. Oscar Wilde and Julia Child said it well: "Everything in moderation, including moderation." Especially in terms of images. Advertising. Blah. It's a great thing sometimes, but other times it is too much for me. Sometimes I love flipping from one picture to the next to the next, looking for the one that will speak to me. I think they all speak, though....... if we listen. (Cheese and corn alert!)

Join me in learning to appreciate one image at a time.

This one comes from today's L O L I T A blog.


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