21 April 2010

Morgan O'Hara, Artist

Recently I was given an awesome opportunity to work with conceptual artist Morgan O'Hara. She was installing a "live transmission" drawing of hers at the LAB Gallery at the Roger Smith Hotel, NYC. Through a professor I found out that she was looking for students to help out with painting the drawing onto the wall.

She describes the process best:

This work addresses life and the signs of life. The most immediate sign of life is movement. Its purpose is to honor each individual as seen through human activity. Unremarkable or normally unnoticed movement patterns are rendered visible through oscillographic or seismograph-like drawings done in real time in real life. That which is tracked is vitality, the visible pulse of life. That which is alive, moves. The process is interactive. O'Hara works from the premise that while observing and transmitting the movement of a chosen subject, there is a temporary escape from the isolation of dualistic thinking. Anyone who observes the process begins to see more consciously. The best LIVE TRANSMISSIONS occur when the role of observer-participant and participant-observer merge. The drawing on paper remains in life much in the way that a footprint on the beach takes its place. The drawing is a bit more material than a heartbeat but resembles it in its circular flow. Movement produces life produces movement. This work began as a search for relationship and meaning.
– Morgan O'Hara

A live transmission drawing was projected onto a huge wall. We painted black in the negative space between each line, down to the smallest detail. Here are some examples of previous installations.

And the time-lapse video of the piece I worked on... so amazing.

all photos from Morgan O'Hara

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