06 March 2010

Really Rosie

My face hasn't been able to get out of a book alllllllllll weeeeeeeek! Literally though, midterms almost killed my eyes. So much reading. All of the texts are about oppression, too, and I think that's why I've been in such strange spirits. Gender inequality, European imperialism, ridiculous Hindu patriarchal literature... it's emotionally taxing.

Anywho, the sky today is a deep, cloudless blue. It's gorgeous. The only thing that got me through 30 straight pages of Heart of Darkness was the fact that sunshine can somehow inspire happiness in us humans. I sat outside (bundled up) in the sun for about an hour, and now I'm feeling pretty snappy. Despite the dismal literature. Take that, academia!

A sky like this, except it's March, not August, and instead of the beach,

I'm in my (now green-less) backyard.

Just got an email from Anthropologie about their new collection of rose-inspired goods. As soon as I opened the email, I started humming this...

I'll admit it... I really, really love flowers. Total sucker for them. I love shapes that burst. The fragrance is just a bonus.




                 Florist's Pick Brooch                                                                                                         Just-Add-Water Necklace                                     


This is just a taste... they have so much!

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