19 November 2011

new works + more

Here are some photographs from my work so far this semester, the ones I find myself to be most attracted to. I'm considering making a collection out of a few of them and perhaps putting a book together. I feel that I'm constantly working towards having enough material, and indeed making progress, but the problem is finding the time and focus to do the book project. To buckle down... we shall see.
Next semester's schedule is set and terrific (modern art seminar! photo III! feminist theory! digital photo!) Plus, I'm going on a service trip to western PA during spring break to build houses with Habitat for Humanity, among other things. My team for that is so great, and my photo 'team' (department? enclave?) has been particularly inspiring for me lately too. I'm feeling rather held up by all the good things in my life. And just in time for Thanksgiving too...

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Diana Mieczan said...

I adore the mood of those photos....They are great! Happy December:) xoxo