22 September 2011

My Favorite Song

This song, originally by Bob Dylan, is my favorite song of all time. It has rhythm, soul, poetry, a little rhyme, and the perfect bits of sentiment all rolled into it. I never get tired of listening to it– that counts too. Blood on the Tracks is my favorite album of all time too (if I absolutely had to pick one.)
This cover is one of the best I've ever heard. I really enjoy Marissa Nadler's voice, her little lilt and almost squeaky harmony. It works here, the high note to low note dips and all that jazz. Her detail adds something to it without detracting from the essence of the original.
Speaking of female vocalists and soaring harmonies... talk about a song/ an album I can't stop listening to! Buy A Creature I Don't Know immediately and it will quickly become your most worthy purchase this week, promise.

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